The Tap to Call / Text component

This component is not supported for Google Ads, Google AdMob, Display & Video 360, AMPHTML adsvideo ads, or image ads.

The Tap to Call / Text component is a transparent element that initiates either a phone call or an SMS text to the number that you specify. The Tap to Call / Text component works only with mobile ads on supported smartphones.

To add the the Tap to Call / Text component to your project:

  1. Open the Components panel, then the Interaction folder.
  2. Drag the Tap to Call / Text  component to the stage. Because the component is transparent, you may want to position it over a visible element to let user know where to click and what will happen.
  3. In the Tap to Call/Text properties section of the Properties panel, select whether you want the component to start a call or a text message, and enter the number it should use.


Properties Description
Name The component name.
Number The number you want to call or text. Can be bound to dynamic data.

The action that the component takes:

  • Call
  • Text (SMS)

Events and actions

Actions performed by the Tap to Call / Text component

The following Tap to Call / Text component action can be triggered in response to other events:

Action Configuration options
Dial none

When you select this action in the Event dialog, set the Tap to Call/Text component as the receiver.

Learn how to configure events.


This component can't be previewed inside the Google Web Designer interface. To see the component in action, preview your document in your preferred browser by clicking the Preview button in the upper right corner.

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