Document types

You can create different types of documents with Google Web Designer.


Google Web Designer supports the creation of HML5 ads, video ads, and image ads.

HTML5 ads

HTML5 ads are interactive ads built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can create the following types of HTML5 ads in Google Web Designer:

  • Banner ads are simple ads that fit a specific size slot in a webpage or app.
  • AMPHTML banner ads are banner ads built with AMP to load fast, making them ideal for mobile devices.
  • Expandable ads are small banner-size ads that expand when clicked. Clicking a close button collapses the ad to its original size.
  • Interstitial ads present a full-page ad experience at natural transition points such as a page change, an app launch, or a game level load. Interstitial ads have a close button that removes the ad from the user's experience.

You can also use templates to create ads in some formats that are specific to Google ad platforms, such as Parallax or data-driven creatives for Display & Video 360.

Video ads

Video ads can include video and audio clips, as well as animation built using HTML5- and CSS-based creation tools. Video ads are exported as MP4 video files, and can also be used as standalone videos as well as assets for rich media ads.

Video ads are not supported on Linux.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are non-interactive animated images. You can create them in Google Web Designer by using the video workflow, then exporting them as GIF files.

Animated GIFs are not supported on Linux.

Image ads

Image ads are static graphics. Google Web Designer lets you use responsive workflows create images in different sizes at scale. Image ads are exported as JPG or PNG image files.

Web pages

You can use Google Web Designer to create web pages for your business.

  • HTML documents can be used to create a single web page that can be viewed in any browser.
  • HTML documents with pages use Web Designer's concept of pages to show different layouts or content. These pages differ from web pages, as they are not separate HTML files, and are displayed using events rather than links.


With Google Web Designer's Code view, you can create and edit code files of the following types, complete with syntax coloring and code autocompletion:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML

Converting between types

You can convert most types of HTML documents to video ads or image ads.

The following document types can't be converted to another type:

  • HTML documents without pages
  • AMPHTML ads
  • video ads
  • image ads
  • animated GIFs
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