Set up Google Assistant on your watch

You can ask Google Assistant on your watch to send quick responses to messages, help you stay on top of your day, or play your favorite music.

What you need

To use Google Assistant on your watch, you need:

  • A supported device. Google Assistant is available on select watches with Wear OS 3 or later. To find if your device is supported, check with your device manufacturer.
  • A Google Account: Select the Google Account you want to use in the Google Search app for Android. You can only have one active account at a time.
  • An internet connection on your device through your paired phone or LTE provider. Some features may be unavailable on LTE.


  • Some features and devices aren't currently available in all languages or all countries and regions.
  • If you use the TalkBack app, you must have TalkBack 12.1 or later to work with Google Assistant. Your watch automatically updates if you have auto-update turned on. 
    • To update manually: 
      1. On your watch, open the Google Play Store. 
      2. Tap Accessibility and then Update.

Set up Google Assistant

Install the app from the Play Store.

  1. Tap your watch’s screen or press a button to turn it on.
  2. Tap App menu and then Play Store.
  3. Search for Assistant.
  4. Download and install the Google Assistant app.

Turn on Google Assistant

  1. Tap your watch’s screen or press a button to turn it on.
  2. Tap App menu and then Google Assistant.
  3. Tap Get started. 
  4. Follow the instructions on your paired phone.

Turn on or off “Hey Google” detection

You can turn on “Hey Google” detection when you first set up your watch. To change this setting after setup:

  1. Tap your watch’s screen or press a button to turn it on.
  2. Swipe down from the top.
  3. Tap Settings and then Google and then Assistant.
  4. To turn “Hey Google” on or off, tap Hey Google Detection.

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As part of our commitment to maintaining the best possible user experience and highest standards of performance and security, Google Assistant is no longer supported or available for use on devices running Wear OS 2.x.

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