Waymo One Rider Rules

These rules help us create a safe and comfortable experience for all riders.


You must be 18 or older to ride alone

Riders must be 18 or older to get the app and ride by themselves.

Bringing minors as guests

Family members who are under 18 can ride with you, as can others under 18 with consent from their parent or legal guardian. 

Accompany guests at all times

You’re welcome to bring guests, but you’ll need to be with them during the ride and ensure they follow these rules. Don’t let minors ride in a Waymo One car without an adult and don’t request a Waymo One vehicle for someone else.

Leave pets at home

Some passengers may have allergies, so leave pets at home out of respect to future Waymo One riders. Service animals are always welcome.

Keep interactions with autonomous specialists to a minimum

If an autonomous specialist is in the driver seat for your trip, please enjoy your ride as if you’re alone. Specialists are there to monitor our autonomous driving technology and share feedback to help us improve.

Specialists won’t be able to drive you outside our service area or take special requests for dropoff or pickup locations.

In wheelchair-accessible vehicles, communicate with the driver as necessary for a safe and secure ride.


Note our capacity limit

Waymo One vehicles allow a maximum of 4 total riders (3 riders in the rare event we let you know an autonomous specialist is present). Read more about seating and capacity.

Sit in an open seat

The driver’s seat is off-limits, but feel free to sit in any other available seat. The front passenger seat in the Jaguar I-PACE is available. Read more about seating and capacity.

Secure kids safely in a child seat

Bring a car or booster seat for children under 8 years old and secure it in the back seat according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Children under the age of 8 cannot sit in the front seat.

Buckle up

We take safety seriously. Wear your seatbelt at all times during the trip. 

In case of an emergency, please follow any instructions from the passenger screen, Rider Support, or the autonomous specialist (if present). Keep your seat belt fastened and stay in the car unless there’s an urgent need to exit.

Respect the car

For your safety, we ask that you:

  • Store your bags in the car's cabin or trunk 
  • For large items, make sure they’re secured inside the car. Items may not extend outside of the car.
  • Don't throw any objects in or from the car

Don’t touch the driving controls or sensors

We monitor important controls, so please don’t touch:

  • Any equipment related to the movement of the car (e.g., steering wheel, accelerator, or brake pedal) or controls (e.g., gear shifter, windshield wiper, or center console buttons) while inside the vehicle
  • Sensors, cameras or other hardware on the outside of the car

Feel free to use the window buttons and passenger screens inside the car to make your ride comfortable.

Please keep the car clean

We want everyone to have an enjoyable ride, so help us keep the cars clean for the next riders.

Leaving behind an excessively dirty or damaged car could lead to extra fees and may impact your ability to ride with Waymo. If you get into a dirty car, let Support know.

A vehicle cleaning fee may be charged for smoking in the car, leaving a mess or extensive liquid or smelly messes (such as vomit) in the vehicle. 

For those that self-report their mess during their ride, the fee will be $50. For issues that go unreported, we’ll charge riders $100 for the first violation. For subsequent violations, we’ll charge up to the cost of cleaning and your account standing may also be impacted.

Don’t smoke, vape, or consume drugs & alcohol in the car

A vehicle cleaning fee of $100 may be charged for the first violation of smoking or vaping inside our cars. For subsequent violations, we’ll charge up to the cost of cleaning and your account standing could be impacted.

Any drug or alcohol use inside the car is against the rules, including bringing an open container.


Don’t carry weapons of any kind

Do not bring weapons into the car.

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