Saving search queries

You can save a search query for later use.

Tip! You must first enter criteria and click the Search button before you can save a query.

To save a search query:

  1. Perform a search in Vault.

  2. After you're presented with results, click Save query.

  3. Enter a name for the query and click Save.

Your saved query appears under Search in the left pane.

Running a saved query

You can run a saved query to retrieve the same results or additional, newer results, depending on the criteria of the query. For example, if your query includes an end date, you'll retrieve the same results you did when you first ran the query. If the query doesn't include an end date, you'll get your original results plus any new data that meets the search criteria.

Note: Saving a search query does not preserve the specific documents related to the query; it only saves the search parameters. Therefore, results can change over time. To save actual search results, create an export set.

To run a saved query, expand the Search list in the left pane of your matter. Click the search query you want to run.

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