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Troubleshoot issues

Here's a list of the most common issues people run into with Tag Manager configurations. Consider these issues as you troubleshoot your containers. In all cases, use preview and debug to help identify any problems.

  • Unpublished changes: Make sure that you have published your container. A container can take a few moments to publish, so confirm that Tag Manager has completed the publish process before you test. Reload the page or clear your web browser's cache to ensure that the latest changes have loaded.
  • Wrong trigger configuration: Double check that the conditions you have targeted are present for the expected trigger behavior.
  • Triggers too specific: Check that your trigger isn't unnecessarily specific.
    Example: A URL trigger that is set to fire on "" will not fire if the URL is "" (using "https") or "" (without the "www"). Use a common fragment for the trigger criteria, such as "".
  • Unexpected site or app changes: Website or app code changes may inadvertently affect trigger functionality. This is especially common for web page triggers that depend on HTML IDs and class attributes. To help avoid this problem, configure your container to use a data layer.
  • Too many HTTP requests: Tag Manager can only fire tags within the limitations of the browser. Most web browsers support a maximum of six to eight simultaneous HTTP requests for a single domain. If you have a high number of tags on the same domain firing under the same conditions, tags will only fire within this browser limitation.
  • Container snippet problems: The Tag Manager container snippet might be installed incorrectly on your site. Use Tag Assistant to help verify installation. If a problem is encountered, the best solution is often to reinstall the snippet.
  • Users leave the page before a tag fires: If a user leaves the page before a tag fires, then data for that tag cannot be captured. Proper installation of the Tag Manager snippet will help to minimize the window in which data loss is possible. Follow the installation guidance to make sure your tags fire optimally.

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