AdWords Conversion Tracking

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To set up an AdWords conversion tracking tag in Google Tag Manager, you'll need to supply the Conversion ID, Conversion Label, and Conversion Value:

  1. In your AdWords account, navigate to Tools → Conversions.
  2. Click the Code tab.
  3. Select I make changes to the code.
  4. In the code box, find "var google_conversion_id = " and enter the number you find into the Conversion ID field.
  5. In the code box, find "var google_conversion_label = " and enter the value you find into the Conversion Label field.
  6. (Optional) Find the value of "google_conversion_value = " and enter it into Conversion Value. If you'd like to populate a value dynamically, select a macro from the dropdown menu or create a new one.

Add a rule so that the tag fires on your desired conversion page. Name the rule after the conversion page. For example, "PDF Download Conversion Page". This will allow you to easily identify and reuse the rule in other tags.

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Bitesize Training Video  

Watch this clip to learn about:

  • Why we would want to install AdWords conversion tracking in GTM
  • How to create the AdWords conversion tag
  • How to make your changes live by creating a new version of your container
  • How to fire this rule on a specific page on your website
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