Starting September 1, 2021, classic Sites will not be viewable by others. Learn how to convert to new Sites today.

Siden du har forespurt, er for tiden ikke tilgjengelig på språket ditt. Du kan velge et annet språk nederst på siden. Eventuelt kan du bruke den innebygde oversettelsesfunksjonen i Google Chrome til å oversette en hvilken som helst nettside til det språket du foretrekker.

Learn what's new in Google Sites

Stay up-to-date with the latest updates in Google Sites:

April 2021

Learn what happens if you don't convert to new Sites

Starting September 1, 2021, classic Sites will not be viewable by others. Learn what will happen if you don’t convert your classic site to a new site.

December 2020

Customize text style and appearance

You can adjust text size, color, font, spacing and more while typing in a text box. Learn how to change how your site looks.

August 2020

Convert your classic Sites to new Sites

New Sites is the default option for website creation. Learn how to convert your classic Sites to new Sites.

Analyze and manage your classic Sites

You can view your classic Sites, export summaries to Google Sheets for project management, convert classic Sites and take bulk actions to archive or delete Sites. Learn how to analyze and manage your classic Sites.

April 2020

Create a website from a template
You can use Google's optimized templates to create your own sites. Learn how to create a website from a template.
Add announcement banners
You can add an announcement banner to your site to highlight important or time-sensitive information. Learn how to add an announcement banner.
Manage your child’s Google Account
Family group members with parent privileges can enable children with Google Accounts to view and edit sites. Learn how to manage your child's Google Account with Family Link.

December 2019

Customize image carousels
You can add captions and change transition speeds for image carousels in Google Sites. Learn how to add and customize an image carousel.
Review the latest changes to a site before publishing
You can compare a published site with a soon-to-be-published draft site in a side-by-side view. Learn how to review the latest changes to a site before publishing.
Version history in Google Sites
You can access version history for sites created in new Google Sites. Version history lets you revert to a previous version of a site, restore deleted site content, and access the history of who made changes to a site. Learn more about version history.
Embed Cloud Search
If you're using an account through work or school, you can replace in-site search with Cloud Search. You can also add an always-open Cloud Search box to the header, body, or footer of a site. Learn more about Cloud Search in work or school accounts.

September 2019

Add collapsible text

You can now add collapsible sections of text (just like this one) to your site. Learn how to add collapsible text.

June 2019

Show when a page was last updated

You can display the time a site’s page was updated. Learn how to show a page's last updated time.

May 2019

Add image carousels

You can add a carousel to show scrolling images on your site. Learn how to add an image carousel.

April 2019

Copy large sites

You can now make a copy of your larger site in new Google Sites. Learn about supported site sizes and how to copy a site.

February 2019

Add a table of contents in Google Sites

To help viewers navigate your site, you can add a table of contents. Learn how to add a table of contents.

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