About Microsoft Advertising dynamic search ads in Search Ads 360

Dynamic search ads is a Microsoft Advertising feature you can use to automatically show ads when a customer's search is relevant to your site. You tell Microsoft Advertising which pages of your site you want to advertise. Then Microsoft Advertising uses information from your site to determine when a customer's search is relevant to your targets.

Instead of spending time researching and harvesting keywords, you can focus on adding useful and appealing ad descriptions along with rich descriptions to the content of your site. 

You're still in control

With dynamic search ads, you control which pages on your site can be used for dynamic search ads, as well as the ad templates, bids, and budget. As with traditional campaigns, campaigns with dynamic search ads can use negative keywords and negative dynamic ad targets to avoid showing ads on searches that don't convert into sales.

Microsoft Advertising campaigns, Search network only

Dynamic search ads are available only in Microsoft Advertising campaigns that target the Search network.

Dynamic search ads from Search Ads 360

From Search Ads 360, you can:

  • Sync your Microsoft Advertising dynamic search ads campaigns, ad groups, ads and dynamic targets into Search Ads 360.
  • Report on:
    • Engine metrics, such as clicks and impressions.
    • Conversions recorded by Floodlight activities or Google Analytics.

URLs for dynamic search ads and targets

By default, dynamic search ads and targets inherit the dynamic tracking URL specified in the engine account's URL template, which is {unescapedlpurl} (unless you've edited the template). When Microsoft Advertising serves a dynamic search ad, it applies the URL template to a landing page URL for your site.

Supported features

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