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Use your business data to manage campaigns

Managing business events with a feed

To see how advertising performance may be affected by external factors that change frequently, such as product pricing or availability, apply business events to your campaigns and use a feed to keep the business events up to date.

How it works

Like other business data columns, you can set up a business event column to be updated from a feed. When the data in the feed changes, Search Ads 360 automatically updates the value of the business event column.

History of event values

When a change in your feed causes the value of business event column to update, Search Ads 360 creates a past event with these settings:

  • Value: the previous value before the latest update to the feed

  • Start date: the day the previous value was first set

  • End date: the day the value was updated

This gives a timeline of changes in your feed data, which you can see in business events reporting.


For example, consider a feed with an “Availability” column that's updated as follows:

On this date "Availability" in the data feed is set to
January 1, 2017 available
January 2, 2017 unavailable
January 3, 2017 unavailable
January 4, 2017 unavailable
January 5, 2017 available


If the “Availability” column in the feed is used to update a business data column named "My Table.Availability", Search Ads 360 would automatically create two past events:

Event start time Event end time c:My Table.Availability

January 1, 2017

January 2, 2017


January 3, 2017

January 4, 2017


The value of the current event would be set to “available”.

To see how advertising performance may be affected by changes in availability, you do the following:

  1. Segment the Campaigns tab by "My Table. Availability".
  2. Set the report's time range to January 1st through January 5th. 

For each campaign, the segmented report will show 3 rows:  

Campaign c:My Table.Availability Clicks







Brand_Search_ComfyWalkers available 50


Learn more about reporting on business events.

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