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Use the Google tag

Create a Google tag for a new Floodlight conversion action

Create a Google tag for a new Floodlight conversion action

  1. Sign in to your new Search Ads 360.
  2. Navigate to a sub-manager account.
  3. On the navigation menu, click the tools and settings icon .
  4. Under “Measurement,” click Conversions.
  5. On the page menu, click Conversion actions.
  6. Click the plus button Add to create a new conversion action.
  7. In the “Conversion source” section of the “Measure your conversions” page, click the Floodlight box.
  8. In the “Conversion goal” section, choose your conversion goal (the conversion actions you want to track) from the dropdown. 
  9. Click Continue.
  10. On the “Create a Floodlight conversion action” page, name the Floodlight activity. Choose a name that reflects the conversion this activity tracks.
    • You will see this name when you segment reports by Floodlight conversion action, create Floodlight columns, or when you choose Floodlight activities as conversion source in a campaign.
  11. Click Optional settings, then click Expected URL to expand the section.
  12. Enter the URL of the webpage that the activity will track. (This is the same page on which you install the event snippet that the new Search Ads 360 generates for the activity.) Start the URL with http:// or, if the page is secured, https://.
  13. Click Floodlight activity group to expand the section, then click the Select activity group dropdown to select the Floodlight activity group that will contain this Floodlight activity.
  14. Click Create and continue.
  15. Follow your preferred method for installing the Google tag.

The new Search Ads 360 adds the Floodlight conversion action to the Floodlight conversion actions reporting table.

Next steps

Send the following to your webmaster:

  • The global snippet and event snippet that you copied. 
  • This article from the help center, which describes how to install the global snippet and event snippet on your site. (The global snippet goes on every page of your site, while the event snippet is placed after the global snippet on the conversion page.)

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