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See the percentage of cross-sell leads

This formula column reports the percentage of cross-sell leads generated by a campaign, ad, keyword, or other item. The formulas assume that you typically organize campaigns to drive specific conversions, but the campaigns sometimes lead to other, associated conversions.

For example, a "Car insurance" campaign contains keywords and ads that lead to "Car insurance quote" conversions. But in some cases, the "Car insurance" campaign may also lead to "Home insurance quote" conversions. The formula column here will measure the ratio of "Car insurance quote" conversions to "Home insurance quote" conversions and may give a broader understanding of campaign performance.

The example below assumes the following campaign and conversion structure:

  • Campaign_A is intended to generate Conversion_A
  • Campaign_B is intended to generate Conversion_B
  • Campaign_C is intended to generate Conversion_C 
Formula name Formula Description
Conv_A c:"Conversion_A" A Floodlight column that reports on a Floodlight activity named "Conversion_A". 
Conv_B c:"Conversion_B" A Floodlight column that reports on a Floodlight activity named "Conversion_B". 
Conv_C c:"Conversion_C" A Floodlight column that reports on a Floodlight activity named "Conversion_C". 
All_conv c:"All_conversions"  A Floodlight column that reports on all Floodlight activities. 

X-sell indicator

IF(contains("Campaign_A", Campaign),To_string(
To_percent(1-( c:"Conv_A" / c:"All_conv"))),
To_percent(1-( c:"Conv_B" / c:"All_conv"))),
To_percent(1-( c:"Conv_C" / c:"All_conv"))),"N/A")

The ratio of non-cross device conversions to cross-device conversions for the same Floodlight activity.


If you scoped to an advertiser and added these columns to the Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords, or other tab, you'd see something like the following:

CTR Avg CPC Avg pos c:"X-sell indicator"
14.47% $8.47 1.8 7.14%
5.69% $8.05 1.2 5.23%
6.73% $8.23 1.7 20.5%


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