Converts any numeric data type to a String. 



x can be a constant, Search Ads 360 variable, an expression, or formula column that evaluates to Number, Percent, or Money. All commas in the input number are converted to periods in the output string.


Number to Strings:

  • to_string(1234.5) returns 1234.5

  • to_string(1,234) returns 1.234

  • to_string(1,234.5) shows an error, since 1.234.5 is not a valid format

Money to Strings:

  • to_string(Revenue) returns 10500.36

  • to_string(Cost + 5,000): if cost is $6.89, the function returns 11.89
    The function first converts 5,000 to 5.000, then adds the result to 6.89 for a total of 11.89.

  • For advertisers with a German language setting:
    to_string(Revenue) returns 10500.36, even though Revenue appears as 10500,36 in the report

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