Converts a ratio, number, or String to a percent.

Specify a String if an advertiser’s locale settings uses a comma to separate decimals (such as German).




  • to_percent((Quality_score_current - Quality_score_average)/Quality_score_average)

  • If another formula column outputs a number that’s actually a percentage, you can convert the number to a percent:

  • If an advertiser’s locale uses a comma to separate decimals (such as German), you’ll need to specify a String to convert a localized number or percent to a percent that Search Ads 360 recognizes:
    To_percent(“10,67”) is 10.67% To_percent(“14,5%”):
    evaluates to 14.5%

    If you used these two functions for an advertiser in the US, the expressions would evaluate to 1067% and 1450% respectively. Make sure you use commas and decimals in accordance with each advertiser’s locale setting.
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