Search terms report

Use the search terms report to harvest keywords

You can use the search terms report to see how much the search terms entered by your customers differ from your keywords, and then add new keywords or new negative keywords to better match your campaigns to your customers' intent. For example, you may want to create exact-match keywords for the high-value customer queries and set a high bid on those keywords to increase your impression share. You could also direct clicks on the new keywords to landing pages that better represent the customers' intent.

Here's a recommended flow for harvesting keywords:

  1. View the search terms report from the account scope or lower. 

  2. Set the time range to weekly, monthly, or some other range that matches how frequently you harvest keywords.

  3. Set filters so the report shows just the queries you're interested in. For example, create these two filters to see queries that generate a high volume of traffic and aren't already matched by exact-match keywords:

  4. Add keywords from the search terms report.
    You can select which campaigns and ad groups you add the new keywords to. For example, if you've created ad groups specifically for exact-match keywords, you can create the new keywords in the exact-match ad groups.

    If you have geo-targeted campaigns, you might create the new keywords in multiple campaigns (one for each targeted geographic area).

    You can also add negative keywords to make sure you don't show ads for queries that generate high traffic volume but aren't relevant or valuable to you.

  5. Make it easy to repeat the harvesting:

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