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Save a report view

A view is a collection of columns that display in a reporting table. Search Ads 360 provides a few default views for each tab, and you can create your own custom views and save them so you can return later.

Note: Anyone with access to an advertiser can see the custom saved views you create. For example, if you create a saved view named "Sedan Campaigns" in the Cars advertiser, all users of the Cars advertiser can see, use, and change the Sedan Campaigns view.


For example, starting with the Actions view on the Keywords tab, which displays the number of Floodlight actions recorded for each keyword, you make the following customizations:

  • Filter the report to display only those keywords with the Brand label.
  • Segment the report by device.
  • Add a Floodlight activity column that reports the number of conversions for your "Send a quote" activity.

To return to this report later, you can save the view and give it a name that's meaningful to people in your organization who have access to the advertiser. The saved view remembers the specified filter, segmentation, and additional columns.

Which customizations are saved?

Search Ads 360 saves the following customizations you make to a reporting table:

  • Columns that you added or removed
  • Filters that you applied
  • Segments that you applied
    Note that some segments are available only on specific tabs or at specific scopes, even if you've saved them as part of a custom view. For example, segmenting by geographic area is available at the ad group level or higher. If you save a view with a geographic segmentation and then view the keywords for a specific ad group, the saved view won't be able to segment the report by geographic area.

    If a saved view doesn't include segments, when you apply the view to a report that's already using segments, the report will remain segmented. That is, applying a non-segmented saved view doesn't remove segments from a report. Applying a segmented saved view does replace any segments that you may have been using before you applied the view.

The following customizations are not saved:

Save a custom view

  1. Customize a report in Search Ads 360.
    For example, add columns, filters, and segments. 
    Note that the report's time range is not preserved in saved views.

    When you customize a report, the View list above the performance summary graph changes to <No view selected>.

  2. Click <No view selected> in the View list, then click Save View.

  3. In the pop-up that appears, name the view and click Save.
    This view now appears as an option in the View list.

Edit or remove a custom saved view

If you edit a saved view, all users who have access to the advertiser will see the changes you made. If you remove a saved view, the view will be removed for all users who have access to the advertiser.

To edit a view

  1. Click the View list above the performance summary graph and select the view.

  2. Add or remove columns, change segments, or change filters.

  3. Click the View list again and click (pencil icon) next to the view name.

  4. Select the Update this view with your customizations checkbox.

  5. Click Save.

Change the name of a view

  1. Click the View list above the performance summary graph and click (pencil icon) next to the view name.

  2. Enter a new name in the View name field.

  3. Click Save.

Remove a view

  1. Click the View list above the performance summary graph and click  (trash can icon) next to the view name.
    Click the pencil icon to change a view name.

  2. Click Remove to confirm.

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