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Create and apply labels

About labels

Use Search Ads 360 labels to manage and report on campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords outside the traditional campaign structure. You're not restricted by the object's location: any campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword within an advertiser can be applied to a label. Also, you can add multiple labels to one object for even more reporting flexibility.


For example, travel company has several national and regional campaigns for their accounts. For air travel, the company has campaigns Air West Coast and Air Midwest, and groups within those campaigns named Air California and Air Illinois. However, the keywords within those campaigns and groups are all related to air travel. Therefore, the company creates a label named Air Travel and applies the label to all of these keywords. This label will allow the company to report on all air-related keywords at one location.

Labels and inheritance

Labels support multi-level inheritance. For example, when you apply a label to a campaign, Search Ads 360 also applies the label to the ad groups, keywords, and ads in the campaign. Any new ad groups, keywords, or ads that you add to the campaign will also inherit the label.

If you apply another label to an ad group, Search Ads 360 also applies the additional label to the ads and keywords in the ad group. So the ad group and its ads and keywords will have at least two labels: the label inherited from the campaign, plus the label you applied to the ad group.

Labels are not trafficked to engines

Labels are solely intended as an additional way to organize your objects within Search Ads 360. Label information is not sent to the search engines.

Ready to get started?

  1. Learn about best practices for working with labels.
  2. Create labels.
  3. Apply labels to campaigns, ad groups, or keywords.
  4. Report on labels and their objects.

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