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Set up radius targets for Google Ads location extensions

Set up and adjust bids for location-extension targets using bulksheets

If you want to create a large number of radius targets for your location-extensions, or create the same targets across multiple engine accounts and campaigns, use a bulksheet instead of the Search Ads 360 UI.

  1. Download a bulksheet that contains existing targets (even if you haven't created any targets, follow these steps to download a bulksheet that contains the columns and campaign and ad group IDs you'll need to create targets):
    1. Navigate to a Google Ads engine account or campaign.
    2. Click the Targets ▾ tab and select Location targets.
    3. Optionally use a filter to display only the targets you want to edit.
    4. Click the download icon "", which appears above the reporting table and make the following selections in the download panel:
      • Scope: Current selection in table
      • Columns: Editable columns (for re-upload)
      • Include types: Location extension targets
      • Filters: Include rows with no impressions
    5. Click Download to start generating a bulksheet.
      When Search Ads 360 finishes generating the bulksheet, a Download now link appears above the reporting table.
    6. Click Download now.
      Your browser downloads the bulksheet to its download directory.
  2. To create a new target, add a new row to the bulksheet.
    You can copy an existing row and edit the data in the columns.
  3. Enter or edit information in the bulksheet columns described below.
  4. Upload the bulksheet

Bulksheet columns for creating or editing location-extension targets

Row type:

Enter Location extension target.


Enter one of the following:

  • create to create a new target.
  • edit to edit an existing target
  • pause to pause an existing target
  • remove to remove an existing target

Account and Campaign:

Enter the names of the engine account and campaign that you want to contain the target.

Location Radius:

A number that specifies the radius of the target, from 0.4 to 40.0 miles or 0.6 to 60.0 kilometers. For example, 3 targets searches that occur within 3 miles or kilometers of the locations in your Google My Business account.

Location Radius Units:

Enter one of the following:

  • mi if you've specified the radius in miles.
  • km if you've specified the radius in kilometers.

Location bid adjustment %:

Enter an adjustment from -90 to 900. A negative adjustment decreases the bid. A value of 0 makes no adjustment to the default bid.


(Optional) Enter a Google Ads geo code to target only your locations in a specific geographic area. For example, if you enter New York, US-NY, US, the target will apply only to the locations in your Google My Business account with an address in New York city.


Here's an example of creating a location-extension target that increases bids by 5% for searches that occur within a mile of any location in your Google My Business account with an address in New York city. (To save space, not all of the required columns are displayed here.)

Row type Action Campaign name Location Radius Location Radius Units Location bid adjustment % Location
Location extension target create Campaign #1 2 mi 5 New York, US-NY, US
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