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Set up radius targets for Google Ads location extensions

About radius targets for Google Ads location extensions

When you use location extensions in a Google Ads campaign, you can set up a radius around the business locations in your Google My Business account and adjust bids when customers search from a location or express interest in a location that's within the radius.

You can set up more than one radius to bid higher as customers are closer to one of your business locations. For example, if your keyword bids are set to $1, you can target a radius of 5 miles around a business location and increase your bid by 50% for that radius, with a resulting bid of $1.50. You could then target a smaller, separate radius of 3 miles around a location and increase your bid by 75%, with a resulting bid of $1.75.

You can also set up different radius targets for different geographical areas. For example you can increase bids by 75% for searches that occur within 1 mile of your locations in New York city, while using an 8 mile radius for your locations in Los Angeles.

Ready to get started?

  1. Set up location extensions.
  2. Set up radius targets for your location extensions in one or more campaigns.
    Note that you'll need to set up targets within each campaign separately. This gives you the option to set different targets and bid adjustments for each campaign. The targets will apply to the location extensions that are being used by each ad group in the campaign. For example if an ad group is using filters to select only specific locations, the ad group will only use radius targets for locations that match the filters.

    If you want to create a large number of targets or create the same targets across multiple engine accounts and campaigns, you can use a bulksheet to set up or change radius targets.


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