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Manage attribution models

Tips for creating custom Campaign Manager 360 attribution models that are compatible with Search Ads 360

If none of Campaign Manager 360's basic attribution models are what you need for your Floodlight columns, you can use the Campaign Manager 360 Attribution Modeling Tool to create your own custom models and then add the models to Search Ads 360. Keep the following tips in mind when creating custom attribution models for use in Search Ads 360.

Set the impression credit to zero

If you create a custom model based on the Linear, Time Decay, or Position-Based models, turn on Adjust credits by interaction type and set the Standard impressions credit to 0.

If you forget to set impression credit to zero, you won't be able to add the model to Search Ads 360 (the model won't even appear in the list of available models).

Example settings of a custom attribution model with impression credit set to 0.

Only use dimensions supported by Search Ads 360

In your model's custom credit rules, use only the following dimensions, which are supported by Search Ads 360:

  • Basic channel grouping (standard display,
    rich media, search, mobile, click tracker)

  • Path position type (any, first, last, assist, middle)

  • Paid search ad id

  • Paid search agency name

  • Paid search agency id

  • Paid search advertiser name

  • Paid search advertiser id

  • Paid search bid strategy

  • Paid search bid strategy id

  • Paid search engine account name

  • Paid search engine account id

  • Paid search campaign name

  • Paid search campaign id

  • Paid search ad group name

  • Paid search ad group id

  • Paid search keyword name

  • Paid search keyword id

If you include other dimensions, you won't be able to add the model to Search Ads 360 (the model won't even appear in the list of available models).

Make sure you have appropriate Campaign Manager 360 permissions to create custom models

If you don't already have permission to access the Attribution Modeling Tool, ask someone in your organization with Campaign Manager 360 admin rights to do the following:

  1. Assign your user profile to a role that has the following permissions:

    • View Conversions

    • View Click-through Conversions

    • View View-through Conversions

  2. Add the following filters to your user profile:

    • Any advertiser filter

    • Any campaign filter

    • Any site filter

The model's lookback window should be shorter than the Floodlight configuration's window

You can define a lookback window in your custom model, which determines how far back in time Campaign Manager 360 and Search Ads 360 examine conversion paths for the model. Your Floodlight configuration also defines a lookback window. When you add a custom model, Search Ads 360 will use the smaller of the two windows. For example, if you define a lookback window of 15 days in your custom model but your Floodlight configuration defines a window of 10 days, Search Ads 360 will apply the model as far back as 10 days.

Example settings

Here's an example of settings for a customized first-interaction model (other custom model would use similar settings). Note the rule defined in the Apply custom credit rules section:
Exclude     Paid Search Campaign     Matching RegExp .+

Excluding .+ from paid search campaigns causes the attribution model to assign credit only to paid search campaigns. That is, the rule is saying "give 0 credit to campaigns that are not paid search campaigns."

Example settings for a custom attribution model.

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