Search Ads 360 overview

Search Ads 360 macro: Definition

Search Ads 360 macros output the name of the campaign, ad group, keyword, or other object that generated a click on an ad.

To pass this data to your landing pages, specify a Search Ads 360 macro as the value of a query string in your landing page URLs. Learn more about adding URL parameters to landing page URLs for ads, keywords, and other items, and see the list of Search Ads 360 macros you can append.

In engine accounts that use parallel tracking, use custom parameters instead of macros. In these accounts, Search Ads 360 automatically creates custom parameters that contain the name and ID of each engine account, campaign, ad group, and keyword. If you include these custom parameters in a Final URL Suffix or in your landing page URLs, the data will be available to the landing page when a customer clicks your ad. Learn more about custom parameters.

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