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About copying campaigns

Instead of manually creating campaigns that contain similar information, you can use Search Ads 360 to copy campaigns from a supported search engine account to other search engine accounts. Later on, if you update the source campaign with new ad groups, ads, or keywords—or if you change some campaign, ad group, and keyword settings—you can copy the updates into the destination campaigns.

You can copy Google Ads campaigns to other search engine accounts as well as to Google Ads accounts. 

Bing Ads, Yahoo! Japan, Baidu, and Yahoo! Gemini campaigns can only be copied within the same engine account. For example, you can copy a Bing Ads campaign into the same Bing Ads account.

This feature isn't supported for social engines and engine track engines.

Copy and pause new campaigns

You can specify that campaign copies will be created in the paused state. This gives you the chance to review and update settings before serving ads. For example, you may want to specify different geo targets or keyword match types in each copy.

When you're ready, you can activate the campaigns one at a time, or use automated rules to activate all of the campaigns at a specific time.

Only some settings are copied 

When copying from Google Ads engine accounts to other types of engine accounts, only applicable settings can be copied. For example, the target networks that you specify in a Google Ads campaign are not applicable to a Bing Ads campaign, so this setting isn't copied to campaigns in Bing Ads accounts.

See the complete map of items and settings that Search Ads 360 copies to each type of engine account.

Update existing items or create new items

Search Ads 360 uses campaign names, ad group names, and other settings to determine if you've already created a copy of a campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword. If a copy already exists, you can choose to copy specific settings from the source to the existing destination item. Or you can ignore the destination items and leave all settings exactly as they are. Learn more about matching and updating existing items.

Only manual campaigns

You can only copy manual campaigns. Inventory keyword campaigns, and shopping campaigns cannot be copied.

1 million items or less

The source campaigns that you select can contain up to 1 million items. Each campaign, ad group, keyword, sitelink, and so on counts as an individual item.

For example, if you selected:

  • 1 campaign that contained
    • 1 ad group that contained
      • 10 keywords

The total number of source items would be 12. 

If you select more than 1 million source items, Search Ads 360 will not proceed with the copy process. None of the items will be copied.

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