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About automated rules

Automated rules change settings in campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, or product targets based on criteria you specify. Instead of changing settings, you can create a rule that notifies you when campaigns or other items match criteria you specify. You schedule a time for the rule to run, set up the conditions, and specify the action if the conditions are met. For automated rules that run on a recurring schedule, you can manually start the rule at any time instead of waiting for the next scheduled run.


For example:

  • Daily at 1 A.M., increase all bids where the ad’s average position was worse than 3 the previous day.

  • Daily at 8am, send an email if the total spend in any engine account increased by more than 20% from the previous day.

  • Every Friday, pause all keywords that had at least 1000 clicks but zero conversions during the previous week.

  • Every Monday, raise max CPC by 15% for keywords that met all of the following criteria from the previous week:
    • More than 50 conversions
    • Cost per conversion under $10
    • Trigger ads in positions worse than 3
In social campaigns and engine track campaigns, an automated rule can only be used to change labels and set status

Important details about automated rules

  • Automated rules run independently of the Search Ads 360 users who create them. That is, unless a rule is paused or removed, it will continue to run, even if the user who created the rule is removed from Search Ads 360 or the user's permissions change.
  • Automated rules only work on settings that you have set explicitly. For example, if you create a rule to increase keyword bids by 10% and a keyword is inheriting max CPC from the ad group, Search Ads 360 won’t change the keyword's max CPC setting.
  • Rules that match keyword landing page URLs or that update keyword landing page URLs will skip keywords that don't specify landing page URLs.

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