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Report on Floodlight conversions

Why do some currency instructions have the same source and destination currency?

You may see some existing currency conversion Floodlight instructions where both the source currency and destination (new) currency have the same value.
Source currency and new currency are the same.

These instructions are often used in Search Ads 360 advertisers that use a different currency than the associated Campaign Manager 360 account. Search Ads 360 assumes that Floodlight values are in the currency of the Campaign Manager 360 account, but if the Search Ads 360 advertiser uses a different currency and the web site containing the Floodlight tag or event snippet uses the Search Ads 360 advertiser's currency, you'll need a Floodlight instruction that specifies the Search Ads 360 currency. Please don’t update or remove these instructions.

For example:

  1. The Campaign Manager 360 account's currency is EUR.
  2. You create a Floodlight sales activity for a Campaign Manager 360 advertiser within this account and add the activity's event snippet to your site.
  3. The event snippet reports a transaction with a revenue of 1,300.
  4. When you run a Paid Search report in Campaign Manager 360, you'll see 1,300.
  5. In Search Ads 360, the currency for the advertiser that contains the Floodlight sales tag is GBP.
  6. Search Ads 360 assumes the Floodlight revenue is in the Campaign Manager 360 account's currency (EUR in this example). To match the revenue to your media cost, Search Ads 360 automatically converts 1,300EUR to GBP. So when you view an advertiser report in Search Ads 360, you'd see something like 1021.76GBP, depending on the exchange rate.
  7. If the Floodlight event snippet is on a site in the UK and transactions are in GBP, you wouldn't want Search Ads 360 to convert 1,300EUR to GBP (you'd actually want to see 1,300 GBP). You can create a Floodlight instruction in Search Ads 360 to indicate that the value reported by this event snippet is actually in GBP. So you'd see 1,300GBP in the Search Ads 360 advertiser report.

Learn more about currencies.

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