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Report on weighted actions

In Search Ads 360 reporting, you can place more importance on certain actions by applying a priority, or weight, to a Floodlight tag. For example, a weight of four can be applied to actions that originate from a specific webpage based on its Floodlight tag. The Weighted actions column would record each action from that page as four actions. The other weighted columns would also treat it as four actions when calculating their values.

If you're not already using weighted actions, we recommend that you create formula columns instead. Formula columns offer more flexibility, can be applied to any type of data (not just Floodlight data), and can be used for bid optimization.

To report on weighted actions, first set up the Floodlight instructions for the desired weighted actions.

After the Floodlight instructions are configured, you can select any of the following columns to see the weighted performance in Search Ads 360 reporting:

Please note the following:

  • Weighted actions do not affect bidding in Search Ads 360. It is solely a reporting feature.

  • Floodlight instructions (including weighted actions) are not applied retroactively.

  • Setting up Floodlight instructions for weighted actions does not affect the Actions column and other actions-related columns. If no instructions are set for weighted actions, the Actions and Weighted actions columns will have the same value.

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