About ad group status

Your ad group status lets you know whether your ad group is active or not.

Ad group status is different than the statuses for campaigns, ads, and keywords, though the statuses can affect each other. Ad groups are contained within a campaign, and each campaign can have one or more ad groups. Within each ad group are ads and keywords.

Ad groups can also include Targeting methods other than keywords, like using demographics or remarketing lists. For this article, we’ll focus on ad groups that use keyword targeting.

Ad group structure

Campaign Campaign
Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group
Ads Ads Ads Ads
Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords


This structure means that status changes at the campaign level will affect the statuses of the ad groups, ads, and keywords within it. A status change at the ad group level will affect the ads and keywords contained within it, and so on.

For example, if you pause your campaign, the ad groups within that campaign will inherit the same paused status (as will the ads and keywords). However, if you pause an individual ad group in a campaign containing multiple ad groups, that one ad group will be paused (along with the ads and keywords it contains), while the remaining ad groups, ads, and keywords in the campaign will stay enabled. Learn more about Campaign status.


Are your ads not running? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • You’ve deactivated an ad group or its “parent” campaign by pausing or removing it
  • You’ve run out of funds
  • You haven’t scheduled your ads to run

Learn more about Why you may not see your ad.

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