Schedule a bulk upload

You can schedule bulksheet uploads to take place at a specified frequency and time. Additionally, you can use Google’s sFTP, a Google-hosted sFTP endpoint which detects changes to bulksheets and automatically uploads them to the new Search Ads 360.

Scheduled upload sources

Different sources for your scheduled uploads can be used:

  • The Search Ads 360 UI: The new Search Ads 360 provides a single place to upload, review errors, and check the status. You can upload files in a variety of formats, including XLS, XLSX, CSV, TSV, or provide a link to a Google sheet. This is useful for performing “round tripping” by downloading the current data set, amending it as required, and then uploading the edited bulksheet.
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure): The new Search Ads 360 connects to a secure endpoint to retrieve the bulksheet to be uploaded from your server.
  • sFTP (secure File Transfer Protocol): If you frequently upload bulksheets, you may want to use third-party software (called an FTP client) to upload bulksheets to an sFTP endpoint instead of manually uploading through the Search Ads 360 UI, or let Search Ads 360 connect to your sFTP server to retrieve the bulksheet Available options:
  • Bulksheet within Search Ads 360: Learn more about the bulksheet and how to add and edit keywords using it.

Scheduled upload frequency and time

You can choose the frequency and time for your scheduled uploads.

If you’re managing accounts within different time zones, the upload will run in its owner's timezone (regardless of the account type). The owner can be manager or sub-manager. Learn more about time zone settings across multiple accounts.
  • One time
  • Every 24 hours
  • Weekly on any specific day of the week
  • Any time on the hour from 12 AM to 11 PM

Create an upload schedule

  1. Sign in to your new Search Ads 360.
  2. Navigate to a client account.
  3. Click the Tools & Settings icon , then click Uploads.
  4. Click Schedules.
  5. In “Schedule name”, enter a meaningful name for the scheduled upload.
  6. Select a source:
    • Local file: Select Upload a file then Select a file from your computer to locate it. Set a Frequency and Time.
    • Google sheet: Select Google Sheets, then click Link to a Google sheet to locate it. Set a Frequency and Time.
    • HTTPS endpoint: Select HTTPS. Enter the URL to the endpoint in Source URL and your user credentials. Set a Frequency and Time.
    • sFTP: Select sFTP. Enter the URL to the endpoint in Source URL and your user credentials. Set a Frequency and Time. Learn more how to upload to the new Search Ads 360 using sFTP.
    • Use Google's sFTP: Select Use Google's sFTP, then create a connection and review your credentials. Learn more about how to create a Google sFTP endpoint.
  7. In “What are you uploading”, select Changes to your account.
  8. Select Multiple accounts or Single account as appropriate. Changes can apply to any accounts included in your bulksheet.
  9. If required, select and enter details to Send an email when upload is finished.
  10. Click Save.

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