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You can build Studio creatives using Google Web Designer, your favorite authoring tool, or any source code editor. Studio's software development kit (SDK) and components help you add creative features such as videos, image galleries, and maps. Each component has built-in tracking for detailed data about your creative's performance.

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Who sets file size limits for HTML5?

Different media agencies have different specs depending on the publishers and networks they work with. Make sure to get the most up to date specs from them. Publishers are changing slowly.

Review the IAB's creative format guidelines for their recommendations:

IAB Display & Mobile Advertising Creative Format Guidelines

Will Studio provide a single list of HTML5 dependencies that work across all browser types and versions?

There are many online tools that allow you to check browser-specific support, including w3schools and caniuse.com.

When trafficking HTML5 ads do you need to include a backup image?

Yes, a backup image is still required for HTML5 ads. When JavaScript is disabled in your browser, a backup image ad is served.

Are external or third-party libraries served via CDN added to the overall file weight?

We’re working closely with the IAB and publishers to remove popular JavaScript libraries from file size calculations, however the final decision is ultimately up to each individual publisher and the specs they enforce.

Are there any solutions for streaming video in an HTML5 creative?

We're working to launch HTTP live streaming (known as HLS) or adaptive bitrate streaming for videos transcoded by Asset Library.

Is there a way to use @font-face when Google Fonts are not an option and the client wants their official font?

Studio supports uploading font files into Asset Library (EOT, TTF, WOFF, OTF). You can then use the CSS @font-face rule to apply custom fonts to your creative. However, the fonts are loaded along with the creative assets, which increases file size.

Is there a good solution to place custom fonts in the cloud?

The Google Web Designer team is working on a pilot program in which custom fonts are stored on the Google Cloud Font CDN. Contact your Google Marketing Platform sales representative if you're interested in being a part of the pilot. The team has a goal to include this feature as a built-in function of Google Web Designer. Check the release notes to learn about new features as they're added.

Additional resources

  • Template Database
    Select from hundreds of existing templates and sample code. Use filters to find formats and features you need and use these templates as a starting point for your next creative build.
  • HTML5 Rocks
    Get information on HTML5 features, including when and how to use them.

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