Use Asset Library with dynamic profile fields

You can use assets from the Asset Library in dynamic profile fields.

This feature isn't enabled for all accounts. To enable it, contact Google Marketing Platform customer support.

Use an asset from Asset Library

  1. Go to Studio's "Assets" tab and select the asset you want to use in your campaign. The "Details" pane displays.
  2. In the "Details" pane, click the "Dynamic Path" field and copy it. To copy multiple paths, see Copy multiple Dynamic paths.
  3. Go to Studio's "Dynamic Content" tab and open your campaign's profile.
  4. In the "Profile" field, select one of the following "Data types":
    • AssetLibrary path: For all asset file types except video.
    • AssetLibrary directory path: For referencing all assets within a folder (Learn about the AssetLibrary directory path).
    • AssetLibrary video file path: For use with video assets only.
  5. Into the "Values" field, paste the Dynamic path you copied from the "Assets" tab.
  6. Save your changes.

Copy multiple dynamic paths

When your dynamic feed has many asset URLs in a column, it's easier to download dynamic paths for all of the assets at once. Asset Library provides these asset paths in a single CSV file so that you can copy them into a spreadsheet column.

To copy multiple dynamic asset paths to your feed:

  1. Navigate to the folder or folders you want to use in your feed. Check the box to the left of the folder names or individual asset names for the assets you need paths for.
  2. Click the Dynamic paths button Download Dynamic paths. A CSV file will be downloaded.
  3. Open the CSV file with your favorite spreadsheet editing software.
  4. The spreadsheet has two columns. The first column lists the folder name and the asset name. The second column lists the asset's dynamic path. Select and copy the second column.
  5. Open your feed spreadsheet and paste the copied paths into your feed's asset URL column.

Alternatively, use the Download dynamic paths... folder action to download paths for all assets in that folder.

Dynamic paths will only be downloaded for assets that are directly inside that folder. Paths for assets in sub-folders won't be included.
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