Update profile field content

Profile fields are used for updating creative assets that are shared across all the dynamic creatives in your campaign. For example, your campaign may include a tagline for the campaign that appears in every creative, but you know the advertiser wants to be able to update this text with a new tagline across all dynamic creatives in their campaign at a future date. To make this change easier, you can link the tagline text in the creative to a profile field, then manage this update using your dynamic profile. This way, you can avoid having to edit the creative files later.

Update content in a profile field

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Content tab.
  2. From the "Advertisers with Dynamic Content" list, select your advertiser.
  3. Select your profile.
  4. Click the Create Draft button at the top of the profile.
  5. Edit the content in the "Values" fields as desired.
    DO NOT change any field names. They're being used by the creative assets associated with this profile, and if the field names don't match, you won't be able to edit the content using the profile field anymore.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Preview step, preview the content update.
  8. In the Publish step, publish the Studio profile to make the content live for serving. You’re all set! It takes about 15 minutes for the updated content to appear in serving creatives.


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