Set up profile fields

Use profile fields to manually update the content of a dynamic element without editing your creative's code. For example, you may want to be able to update a headline after your campaign is already live. If you set up a profile field for this headline, you can update it whenever you want without having to upload new creatives and traffic them.

The following information is required for each profile field:

  • Field: The name of the dynamic element. Choose any name that makes sense for your campaign. Limited to 50 characters per field, maximum of 25 unique fields.
  • Data type: The type of data that the field contains, including text, whole number, or image.
  • Value: The dynamic content that is displayed in the ad. Limited to 255 characters per field.
Example profile fields

Here are some examples of field, data type, and value combinations:

Field Data Type Values
headline Text Come check this out!
headline_font_size Whole Number 12
product_image Image test_image.jpg
exit_url Text
YouTube_ID Text Vw12Tse00

Add profile fields

You can add up to 25 profile fields to each dynamic profile.

Add a profile field

  1. Navigate to Step 2: Manage Data of the Dynamic Content tab.
  2. In the Profile Fields section, click New profile field.
  3. In the Fields column, enter a field name (maximum 50 characters). Make sure you use the right name. Profile fields can't be renamed after you publish your profile. Instead, you'll have to add a new profile field.
  4. In the Data type column, select the appropriate data type from the dropdown:
    1. Text: Use for any text values, such as headlines, exit URLs, Boolean values.
    2. Whole Number: Use for any numerical values, such as x/y coordinates or date/time.
    3. Image: Use for directly uploading image files to Studio; supported types include jpg, png, and gif.
  5. In the Values column, enter the dynamic content for that field (maximum 255 characters).
  6. Click Save and Continue >>

Remove a profile field

Profile fields can be removed in Step 2: Manage Data. You can only remove profile fields when your profile is in "Draft" mode.

  1. If you're not in "Draft" mode, click Create draft next to the profile's name.
  2. To remove a profile field, click the Remove hyperlink.
  3. Click Save.

To make your changes live, publish your updated profile.

Test profile fields

After you've built a creative with profile fields and uploaded it to Studio, test your creative to make sure each field is working.

Review the creative's profile fields

  1. Open your creative in Studio.
  2. Click on the profile ID underneath the creative name to go directly to the dynamic profile.
  3. Click Manage Data and review the "Profile Fields" list.

Preview the creative and change the profile field values

Preview your dynamic creative in the Preview tab of the dynamic profile and compare with the profile fields. To prevent accidental changes during testing, create a draft instead of editing the published version of the profile.

  1. Click Apply to check if the elements (headline, CTA, video, images, and so on) defined in the profile field are displaying correctly in the creative. 
  2. Change the value of each dynamic element, then check the preview for the new value. If a changed value doesn't appear in the preview, the profile field for that value is unused.

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