VPAID format

VPAID overview

VPAID stands for Video Player-Ad Interface Definition. VPAID is a common interface between video players and ad units, enabling a rich interactive in-stream ad experience. Learn more about VPAID from IAB.


This guide walks you through the end-to-end ad campaign process for VPAID 2.0 creatives. It covers media planning, Studio setup, trafficking, and reporting.

Overview of the process

  • Media planning: Collect site specs and hold a kickoff calls.

  • Build creatives: Build VPAID creatives developed in Studio, submit them to QA, and push them to your Campaign Manager 360 account.

  • Trafficking: Traffic VPAID creatives in Campaign Manager 360.

  • Reporting: Pull metrics from Reporting.

Most elements of a VPAID campaign mirror the process of a standard rich media campaign. However, there are a few differences.

Key differences for a VPAID campaign
  • Contact publishers to collect VPAID lowest common denominator (LCD) site specs.

  • Schedule a kickoff call to review VPAID-specific settings (duration, scalability, lock aspect ratio, companion banners) that the trafficker must make after the creative is pushed to Campaign Manager 360.

  • In Campaign Manager 360, use a standard placement with in-stream compatibility. You can learn more about trafficking VPAID in the Campaign Manager 360 guide.


VPAID creatives render in a publisher's in-stream video player, and typically involve video content. One important ability of VPAID creatives is that they can pause or mute the publisher's video player and bring up their own content, including interactive options. You can see a demo of a Campaign Manager 360 VPAID In-Stream creative in the Studio Gallery.

Studio supports VPAID linear creatives.

A linear VPAID creative appears by itself, not alongside publisher content. It can appear before, between, or after the publisher's video. For example, a VPAID linear creative might interrupt a publisher's cartoon to display a video commercial with interactive graphics overlaying the advertiser's video content. 

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