Preview dynamic creatives

 Use the Preview step of the Dynamic Content tab to preview every iteration of your dynamic creative.

The preview in Dynamic Content is different from the Preview step in the Creatives tab. The Preview in the Creatives tab only shows you the creative template and any testing values used in the assets. The Preview in Dynamic Content shows the actual content from your dynamic feed, and allows you to test different values in any profile fields.

Preview a dynamic creative (Beta)

Dynamic preview has been redesigned with a modern look and powerful features. Try it out in the Preview Beta tab. Both the new beta version and the old version are available until April 18, 2018. On that day, the new preview will replace the old version, and all tearsheets in the old Preview tab will be removed.
To avoid disruption, start using the Preview Beta tab now, and recreate any older tearsheets you'll need after April 18. If you use custom tearsheets, you can import your old CSV tearsheet templates in the Preview Beta tab.

In the new preview, you can choose which creatives (or feed rows) to preview using drop-down menus instead of having to copy and paste individual feed values. These filtering options also allow you to group creative concepts logically and review them in batches by adding them to preview sheets.

Because this new beta version of preview works differently, the previews you create in the Preview Beta tab are only available in the beta tab. Tearsheets created in the old preview are also only available in the old Preview tab.

Try the new preview

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Content tab and open your advertiser.
  2. Click the profile name to open your profile.
  3. Click Step 5: Preview in the workflow bar.
  4. Click the Preview Beta tab.

The preview will be blank until you add filters. You can filter based on the dynamic criteria (or rules) defined in your dynamic profile or you can filter using unique feed row IDs (formerly called "forced preview").

Preview dynamic creative variants

When you need to preview creatives using hundreds of combinations of dynamic filtering values, you may find it easier to import a custom preview sheet.
  1. Select filters in the right panel.
  2. Choose a preview type:
    1. Filter by dynamic criteria: Use to filter feed rows based on the rules you set up in your dynamic profile.
    2. Filter by feed row ID: Use to preview creative rows in the feed by entering unique values that ignore your dynamic strategy's filtering rules.

Autocomplete is disabled for large feeds

If your profile's feed (or feeds) include more than 10,000 rows, dynamic preview filter drop-downs will not include autocomplete feed values. Instead, type the first 3 or more characters of a value to search. The feed values matching your search will appear in the drop-down.

You also must enter full values if:

  • Values are less than 3 characters (for example, country codes)
  • Values are dynamic targeting keys (separate multiple keys using commas)
Filter by dynamic criteria
  1. Use the Creative filter to select which creatives to show in the preview window.
  2. The filterable columns from your feed appear as drop-downs you'll use as preview filters. For each field, select a feed value from each of the drop-downs to preview creative content.

    For example, if the feed uses DCM ID filtering based on DCM placement IDs, the Placement ID column from your feed is provided as a drop-down menu. Use this menu to select a placement ID and preview that placement's matching creative content.
  3. To preview the creatives matching your filters, click Apply. The preview updates to show the creative variations that match your filter selections. If the filters don't match a feed row, you'll see either your defined default creative or an error. Change or remove filters to match the creative variation you want to preview.
  4. Each creative in the preview sheet includes 2 options:
    1. Refresh Refresh: Replay a creative's animation.
    2. Information Information: View details about the creative.
Filter by feed row ID
  1. Use the Creative filter to select which creatives to show in the preview window.
  2. The unique ID column in your feed appears as a drop-down menu. Select a unique ID to preview the matching creative content. For large feeds with autocomplete disabled, copy and paste a unique ID from the feed.
  3. Click Apply to preview the matching creative content.
  4. Each creative in the preview sheet includes 2 options:
    1. Refresh Refresh: Replay a creative's animation.
    2. Information Information: View details about the creative.
Preview with dependent (parent and child) feeds
Child feed values are only selectable after you enter the associated parent value. If you enter a value for a parent that's not in the parent feed, the preview will still attempt to show results for the value you entered, but the child feed values will not match. For example, let's say "New York" is a geographic value in the ;parent feed, but you enter "New York State" instead. You'll still see previews for the New York area, however, the values in drop-downs from dependent feeds will not match. Enter precise parent feed values to see the correct child feed values.

Save and share creative previews (Beta)

Preview sheets (formerly called tearsheets) are collections of filtered creative previews you can use to group creative concepts for review and sign off.

To save a set of filtered creative previews, click + Preview sheet. You can add the current previews to an existing preview sheet, or enter a name to create a new preview sheet.

To view and share saved preview sheets, click Preview sheets in the Preview Beta tab.

View and edit preview sheets

  1. In the Preview Beta tab, click the Preview sheets tab.
  2. From the list of the preview sheets in your dynamic profile, click the name of the preview sheet to open it.
  3. Each creative in the preview sheet includes 3 options:
    1. Refresh Refresh: Replay a creative's animation.
    2. Information Information: View details about the creative.
    3. Remove Remove: Remove a creative from a preview sheet.
  4. To change the name of a preview sheet or group, hover over the name, then click Edit Edit.

Share preview sheets

To share a preview sheet you're viewing, click Share Share at the top of the page. Anyone who has the link can view a preview sheet – no sign-in required.

Profile drafts in preview sheets

When the profile is in draft, and you add a creative to a preview sheet, you're adding the draft version. As long as a profile draft exists, this preview will show the draft profile data. When there are no drafts available, the published profile data is shown with a “draft” label. When you create a new profile draft, these previews will show the new draft profile data.

Preview a dynamic creative (old version)

This version of preview will be replaced with the new beta version on April 18, 2018. Use the Preview Beta tab to avoid having to recreate preview sheets later.
  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Content tab.
  2. Select your advertiser from the Advertisers with Dynamic Content list.
  3. Select your profile.
  4. Click Step 5: Preview in the workflow bar.
  5. Click the Preview tab to use the old (non-beta) version of dynamic preview.
  6. The available preview parameters are based on the rules you set up in your profile. Enter the parameter that you want to preview. For example, if you're using placement ID targeting, the parameter field will say placement ID, and you should enter the same placement ID as the one entered in the feed.
    If you are previewing dynamic creatives whose dynamic rows include start/end date flighting, the preview date parameter you enter must be at most 3 days past the dates in the dynamic feed.
    1. If you have both Draft and Published versions of the profile, you can choose to display both draft and published versions of the preview by checking "Also show published" or "Also show draft".
  7. In the Creatives section, there is a list of all ad sizes associated to this profile. Select/unselect creatives that you want to preview by checking the appropriate boxes.
  8. Click the Launch/update preview. The preview window opens and displays your dynamic creative. This window is also called a tearsheet. Learn more about managing tearsheets
  9. If you're satisfied with the previews, close the tearsheet window to go back to Step 5: Preview.
  10. Click Save and Continue >>.
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