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Add users to your advertiser

In Studio, you can give multiple users access to your advertiser.

Only one Studio user can be created for each email address, but the same user can be added to multiple advertiser accounts.

Add a user to your advertiser

  1. Click Admin. If you don't see an Admin option in the navigation bar, you don't have account admin permissions. Contact your company admin to perform these tasks or to grant you admin rights.
  2. Select your advertiser account from the list.
  3. The advertiser's profile appears, with details like account name, country, website, and account type.
  4. Click Create a new user.
  5. Enter information about the new user.
  6. Choose an Access level:
    • Users with an Account role are assigned permissions that affect the entire account.
    • Users with an Advertiser role are assigned permissions that affect a particular advertiser within in the account.
  7. If you selected the Advertiser role, click Add next to the advertiser name you want to give them access to.
  8. Make Access selections:
    • Creatives lets users work with creatives in the standard Studio Creatives workflow.
    • Content lets users work with the flexible creative content found in Dynamic Content.
  9. Select the appropriate role for this user:
    • Account admin has permission to read and access all levels of your account and can perform admin activities like adding a user and editing account details.
    • Designer can add and edit campaigns and advertiser records.
    • Content owner can add, edit, and publish in Dynamic Content.
    • Content reader can only view content in Dynamic Content.
    • External QA can edit campaigns, approve creatives, publish to Studio, and traffic the ad in QA.

      For more details see User roles.

  10. Click Save.


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