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User roles

Your user role determines which tasks you can perform in the Studio Web UI, such as adding a creative and viewing creatives in a campaign. For example, a designer can add and edit creatives and campaigns, while an external QA specialist can QA approve and publish campaigns.

This chart specifies permissions for all user roles.

In the Permissions column of the table, "read" means the user can only view. "Write" means the user can add, edit, and delete.
Permissions Designer External QA Account admin * Dynamic content roles
Content owner Content reader
Account read Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Account write     Yes    
User read     Yes    
User write     Yes    
Advertiser read Yes Yes Yes    
Advertiser write Yes Yes Yes    
Campaign read Yes Yes Yes    
Campaign write Yes Yes Yes    
Creative read Yes Yes Yes    
Creative write Yes Yes Yes    
Publish to QA Yes Yes Yes    
Approve creative   Yes Yes     
Publish to other products   Yes Yes    
Trafficking   Yes Yes    
Read content       Yes Yes
Write content       Yes  


  • * An account admin can't change the user roles of another account admin, for example, from admin to designer.
  • To delete an account admin, contact support.
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