Make an association

An association establishes a one-way link from your DoubleClick Studio advertiser to your client's DCM or DFP account, so you can automatically send QA-approved creatives to your client for ad serving. For every advertiser you set up in your Studio account, you must also set up an association.

Image showing creatives moving from DoubleClick Studio to DoubleClick Campaign Manager

When you make an association, a trafficking code identifying the Studio client is emailed to traffickers in DCM or DFP, who then use the code to create the association. Your client must accept this association from their existing DCM or DFP account to complete the process.

This association ensures that any future creatives approved by QA are automatically published to the creative inventory for that advertiser in DCM or DFP.

See also: Make an association between Studio and DFP.

To make an association while adding a new advertiser:

  1. Go to the Creatives tab and select Advertisers from the side panel.
  2. Click New advertiser.
  3. Enter an Advertiser name.
  4. Make an advertiser association:
    1. Enter a trafficker's email address in the Notify field. (Separate multiple addresses with commas.)
    2. If you want, enter CC addresses and a Message.
  5. Click Save.

To make an association with an existing advertiser:

  1. Click Make association. (You can access this link by clicking an advertiser name on the Advertiser screen.)
  2. In the Notify field, enter traffickers' email addresses, separated by commas.
  3. (optional) Enter CC addresses, and check CC me to send a confirmation to yourself .
  4. (optional) Enter a Message to your recipients .
  5. Click Send.

To break an existing association:

  1. Click Break association.
  2. Use the dialog box to set up an email that notifies traffickers of the broken association.
  3. Click Send.
When you break an association, creatives already pushed from DoubleClick Studio to DCM Trafficking or DFP are unaffected. If you want to push existing creatives to the new advertiser, they'll need to be republished to QA and trafficked again. Notify your QA contact to advise them that QA has already been completed under the previous advertiser.
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