Submit Studio creatives to Google Ad Manager

Before you can submit (or push) a creative to Google Ad Manager, your Studio advertiser must be associated with an existing advertiser in Ad Manager. Once the association is made, Studio users can push approved creatives into that advertiser's Creative Library in Ad Manager.

You can't make an association between a Studio client and a Ad Manager house advertiser.

Make an association

You can generate a trafficking code from the Studio UI in two ways:

  • When a new Studio advertiser is created in Studio, the code is emailed automatically to the addressee entered in the Notify field.
  • You can also generate the code from Creatives > Advertiser. Click an advertiser, then Make association. Enter traffickers' email addresses separated by commas in the Notify field, enter a message if you want, and click Send.

To break an existing association:

  1. In the Advertiser screen, click Break association.
  2. In the dialog box, click Break association again to confirm.

Enter the association code in Ad Manager

  1. From the Ad Manager Main Menu, click the Admin tab.
  2. Click Companies in the side panel.
  3. Search for the company you want to make an association for and select it.
  4. Scroll down in the company page to the Third Party Associations section and click Add Association.
  5. Paste the association code from Studio into the Association Key field.
  6. Click Save.

Can't find your creatives?

If you pushed creatives to Ad Manager and you can't find them, check that your Studio advertiser is associated with the right Ad Manager advertiser. If it's not, break the association and request a new association with your Studio account. Then push the creatives to Ad Manager again.

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