General reporting

What reporting is available?

There are two types of metrics available for reporting: standard and custom.

  • Standard metrics usually require no additional designer work. (The exception is the Rich Media Manual Closes metric.) Standard metrics are automatically enabled, measured, and reported on, where applicable. For example, the Rich Media Expansions metric is only applicable for expanding ads.
  • Custom metrics are enabled by a designer using Google Web Designer components or the Studio API. Custom metrics can measure up to 400 different user interactions per creative.

If tracking isn't implemented in the initial build, you can't retrieve the data you want once the campaign is completed. So make sure you discuss tracking during the kick off-call with the post-production team before they begin packaging units in Studio.

The trafficker can get reports once a unit goes live. Campaign Manager 360 Trafficking users can report on these metrics in Report Builder, while Google Ad Manager users can report on them in the Query Tool.

Campaign Manager 360 Report Builder Google Ad Manager reporting basics

What do the values mean?

By default, metrics aren't duplicated per impression. That means that if a single impression is expanded twice, only one expansion is recorded. This allows the results to be easily understood on a per-impression basis, for example by creating an expansion rate (expansions per impression) or interactivity rate (interactive impressions per impression). If desired, the designer can specify that custom events be recorded on an unlimited per-impression basis.

How do I verify my metrics?

You can use the Studio previews that your Rich Media developer generates and sends you to verify the metrics in your Studio units. To do this, click Show details , click Event summary in the Preview tab of the Studio Web UI to see all of your triggered and logged events.

  • Triggered events: Metrics triggered while interacting with the creative in the preview window.
  • Logged events: Metrics logged in your reporting.

The main difference between these two is that logged events are usually capped once per impression. So even if an event is triggered multiple times, it's logged only once. Click around on the unit to see how the different metrics log.

Metrics are color coded to indicate what kind of metric is being fired:

  • Blue: timer
  • Green: counter
  • Red: exit

You can also click Show details  in the preview link and select Events. This shows you all the custom metrics that were added to a creative. Keep in mind that standard metrics always track, so they aren't shown here.

You can also preview the creative in Campaign Manager 360 Trafficking or Google Ad Manager in the same way. Like the Event summary in Studio, this feature lets you see metrics fire as you click around on the creative and gives you an idea of the creative's metrics and naming conventions. These metrics and their names are fully outlined in the creative's Events tab in Campaign Manager 360 Trafficking and Google Ad Manager.

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