Report on rich media custom variables

Studio allows you to add custom variables like tracking for impressions or click counts against a custom reporting label that you’ve specified. You can then track user interactions for these values in Report Builder by adding them as rich media custom variables in your Standard reports.

If you anticipate tracking over 100 interactive elements in your creative or you need tracking counters generated dynamically (for example, information input by a user at runtime, data collected from input text fields, tracking of dynamic fields set up using Studio’s Dynamic Enabler with a Dynamic Profile, or variables that are determined at runtime), we recommend that you add custom variable reporting to your creative. Learn how to set up custom variables in Studio

  • Reports containing custom rich media custom variables will take longer to run.
  • Data is stored for 31 days.
Data types for rich media custom variables

The following data fields are available for reporting on rich media custom variables.


  • Custom variable: Add this dimension to your report to break down data by rich media custom variable. Each variable you include will appear in a separate row in the report.


The metrics display the aggregate number of events that occur for each custom variable and other dimensions in your report.

If your report contains both rich media custom variable metrics and impression, click, or conversion metrics, the latter values will appear in separate rows from the rich media custom variable metrics in the report output.

Advertiser Ad Creative Custom variable Custom variable count 1 Custom variable count 2 Impressions Clicks
Foo A Creative 1 Joe's Pizza 10 5 0 0
Foo A Creative 1 John's Cleaner 20 30 0 0
Foo A Creative 1   0 0 10 5
Foo B     0 0 10 0
Restrictions on dimensions and metrics

If your Standard report includes any rich media custom variable data, the following data types will not be available.


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