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Understand iframes and the DART iframe solution

An iframe is an in-line frame with an HTML structure that lets you insert an HTML document into another HTML document and display it as a webpage. It's represented as an <iframe> tag.

Iframe problems may originiate with:

  • a backup image that serves instead of a rich media creative
  • an expanding that ad gets cut off when it's expanded
  • tandem creatives that don't sync with each other or show up as blank creatives
  • interstitial creatives that don't appear because they're serving from an ad slot that's surrounded by an iframe

These issues arise when rich media creatives are placed inside iframes or served using a JavaScript iframe tag.

To enable iframe access for Studio ads, a publisher must save a special file to their domain that acts as a bridge between the ad-server domain and the publisher domain.

For more information, see Studio iframe solution - Overview.

If you're a publisher, see Set the path to DART Iframe.html.

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