Set the path to DART Iframe.html

If your site uses iframes, you must download the DARTIframe.html file to successfully run Rich Media ads in your website. (See Downloading the DARTIframe.html File for more details). Studio recommends that you put this file in a directory named Studio at the root directory of your web server.

If you can't store the DARTIframe.html file in the recommended directory, use an attribute in an ad tag to specify the directory where this file is stored on your web server. This attribute is mtfIFPath=value, where value is the path to the directory (from the root of the web server) where the DARTIframe.html file is stored.

For example, store the DARTIframe.html file here:

To specify the path to this file using the mtfIFPath attribute, edit an ad tag like this:;dcopt=1_ist;mtfIFPath=/files/studio/;sz=0x0;ord=[timestamp]?
If the ad is running on any subdomains, you must also place the iframe buster file on those subdomains.

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