Create a test edition

We recommend you create a test edition using the steps below to help familiarize yourself with Google Play Newsstand Producer. This test edition will only be visible to you, giving you the opportunity to preview and interact with it the way your readers will. When you're satisfied with your test edition, you can begin the process of publishing and distributing this content to your readers.

Note: to more quickly test changes to your test edition, we recommend turning off caching.

  1. Sign in to Google Play Newsstand Producer

    Go to and sign in with your Google Account. (Note: We currently only support Google Play Newsstand Producer on the Chrome browser.)

  2. Create an edition

    1. At the top right, click the blue triangle, then click Create new edition... (This step is automatic the first time you sign in.)
    2. Title your edition.
  3. Add content

    1. If you have an RSS feed, enter the URL.
    2. If you have videos hosted on YouTube, enter your ID for the site.
    3. Click Create.
    4. View the preview of your edition to the right.
    5. Optionally, add additional content by clicking Sections in the left menu and selecting a content type.
    6. You can also reorder sections. Click Sections, and at the bottom of the page, expand Reorder sections in order to drag and drop your sections to where you want them to appear.
  4. Test your test edition

    1. Click Publish in the left menu, then click Android Testing or iPhone and iPad Testing, depending on which device you'll be using for testing.
    2. Install the Google Play Newsstand app for Android or iOS.
    3. Sign in to the app on your phone or tablet with the same login you used to create this edition.
    4. View your edition. If you don't see it, sync Google Play Newsstand by tapping the three dots in the upper right hand corner and hit Refresh.

If you're ready to customize further, check out our guide to navigating Google Play Newsstand Producer, with details about the different settings available.