Learn how your Pixel speakers and microphones work

Use this article to locate and understand the parts of your phone that play and pick up sounds.

Speakers and microphones

Pixel phones have two speakers and three microphones. Learn where your speakers and microphones are located.

Your phone uses different speakers and microphones for different tasks. Both speakers play music, but the bottom speaker is louder.

How your phone uses your top speaker

The top speaker is the receiver speaker. It primarily works during phone calls.

When you hold your phone to your ear, the top speaker is on. This feature lets you hear the caller while the bottom speaker is off. Because the top speaker is smaller than the bottom speaker, it sounds quieter when isolated from the bottom speaker.

How your phone uses your bottom speaker

The bottom speaker is larger and usually louder. When you're on a call, it will only make noise if you turn on the speakerphone button.

How your phone uses your microphones

Your phone has three identical microphones, but it doesn't use them all at once. The quality of the recording depends on the app that you use.

Still have sound problems on a Pixel phone?

For possible solutions to other issues with your phone's reset, you can post questions on our forums to the Pixel community.

You can also connect with a support agent about this issue. Learn how to get help with your Pixel phone.

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