Explore your Pixel Fold camera

The Google Pixel Fold has 5 cameras: three on the rear camera bar with wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses, and two cameras, one on the outside and one inside.

You can use the new tabletop mode and foldable format to take group photos and hands-free photos of the night sky.

Take a Rear Camera Selfie
  1. On your Pixel Fold, open the Camera app Google Camera .
  2. To switch to the rear camera, tap Rear camera .
  3. The camera display switches to the outer display.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    1. If your phone is folded, unfold it so that both the outer display and the rear cameras face you.
    2. If your phone is unfolded, flip the phone around so that the rear cameras are facing you.
  5. Press the shutter button to take a selfie while viewing yourself on the outer display.

Tip: Learn about other ways to take a selfie.

Take a group photo with tabletop mode
  1. On your Pixel Fold, open the Camera app Google Camera.
  2. Fold your phone into an L shape (or tabletop mode).
  3. Place your phone on a surface with the rear cameras facing your subject. You'll be able to see the photo preview on the outside screen as well.
  4. To take a photo with the timer:
    • Tap 3 seconds or 10 seconds . Press the shutter button and then step into the photo.

Tip: You can also trigger the shutter button while holding up your hand once you’ve selected a timer setting. Learn how to use Palm Timer.

Take a hands-free photo with your voice

Important: You’ll need to have Google Assistant already set up. Learn how to set up Google Assistant.

  1. Open the Camera app Google Camera.
  2. Set your device on a stable surface or stand and step away, into the camera’s frame.
  3. To start a camera timer with your voice, say "OK Google, take a picture." After a 3-second delay, your phone will take a photo.

Tip: Learn how to edit your group photos and remove unwanted distractions in the background.

Astrophotography Mode

You can capture high-quality images of space objects and the night sky in Astrophotography Mode.

  1. On your Pixel fold, open the Camera app Google Camera.
  2. Tap Night Sight.
  3. Unfold your phone into an L shape and place on a steady surface.
  4. Wait a few seconds.
  5. When your phone is still and ready, it shows a message that says “Astrophotography on.”
  6. Tap Capture .
  7. Your phone shows a countdown timer. Do not touch your phone until it’s done taking the photo.
    • To stop taking a photo, tap Stop Stop.

Tip: To save your full length files in high quality, on Pixel 4 and later you can turn on time lapse for astrophotography. Learn more about improving your low light and nighttime photo quality.

Enable Time lapse for Astrophotography
  1. On your Pixel fold, open the Camera app Google Camera.
  2. At the bottom left, tap Settings .
  3. Tap More settings and thentap Advanced.
  4. Turn on Enable time lapse for astrophotography.

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