Unenroll a managed Pixelbook

A managed Pixelbook is set up and maintained by a school or company. If you believe you've received a managed device in error and you are the owner, try one of these options.

Option 1: Contact the device manager

First, find the name of the school or company that manages your device. You'll see this name on the "Enterprise enrollment" window that shows when you first set it up.

To check if your device is managed:

  1. Select the clock in the bottom corner of your screen to open your status area.
  2. Look for the managed device icon . If you see the icon, your device is managed. If you don't see the icon, your device is not managed.

If your device is managed, contact the organization and ask the administrator to deprovision your device.

Note: If you don't see the "Enterprise enrollment" window, and don't see a name of a school or company, your device is not managed. Try turning your device off, then on again. If your issue isn't fixed, try wiping your device.

Option 2: Return your device

Try returning your device to the place you purchased it, then exchange it for a different one that's not managed by a school or company.

More information about enrollment

Some schools and companies use forced re-enrollment, which keeps their devices under the administrator's control if the devices are reset. This means the devices can be easily reset and shared between students or employees.

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