Use the Google Assistant on your Pixelbook

Find info and get things done on your Pixelbook with the help of the Google Assistant. Using voice or text, you can ask it questions, tell it to do things, and search what’s on your screen. Do even more with the Google Pixelbook Pen.Here’s just some of what the Google Assistant can do for you.

*Pixelbook Pen is sold separately.

Search what’s on your screen

Ask your Google Assistant through voice or text to show you info related to what’s on your screen. With screen context turned on, the Google Assistant can use what’s on your screen to deliver more relevant suggestions and specific actions. 

When you use the Google Pixelbook Pen, you can interact with your Google Assistant in a whole new way. Just hold the pen’s Google Assistant button and circle an item on the screen, like photos, text, and events, and your Google Assistant will tell you more about it. 

The Pixelbook Pen can help you identify celebrities or locations in photos, get more info about a restaurant mentioned in an article, or even create an event on your calendar from a date you circle on the touchscreen. Learn more about using the Pixelbook Pen with your Pixelbook.

You’ll see the screen context option when you first set up the Google Assistant. Turn it on or off whenever you’d like.

Perform common tasks

 Save time by asking your Google Assistant to take care of day-to-day tasks on your Pixelbook. Here are a few things the Assistant can do for you:

  • Launch an installed application: Ask the Google Assistant to open your Google Calendar, Google Play Music, or Google Drive. Say, “Ok Google, open YouTube.”
  • Send an email: Ask the Google Assistant to create and send emails to your contacts. Say, “Ok Google, send an email to Sue saying, 'I’ll see you later this afternoon.'”
  • Manage your calendar: Get a lunch invitation? Ask the Google Assistant to show your schedule for that day on Google Calendar so you can see if you're free. Once you’ve got a plan, use the Google Assistant to add the event to your calendar. Say, “Ok, Google, add dinner to my calendar on Saturday at 8pm.”
  • Set reminders: Don’t miss a thing when using the Google Assistant to remind you on the time and day of your choosing. Or stay on track by asking the Google Assistant to set a timer. Type, “Remind me to do laundry when I get home.”
  • Take a note or create a shopping list: Want to jot something down or add an item to your shopping list? The Google Assistant can take that off your plate and keep you on task. Type, “Add cereal and bread to my shopping list.”
  • Have some fun: Take a break from the day-to-day and play a game with your Google Assistant, like Magic Cat Academy and PAC-MAN. Say, “Hey Google, play Magic Cat Academy.”

Control your media and smart home devices

Whether it’s with music, movies, or your thermostat, the Google Assistant can help you customize your surroundings. Use your voice for a totally hands-free experience. Here are a few things you can ask the Assistant to do:

  • Watch a video on YouTube or Netflix
  • Play a song from your favorite band
  • Play news or podcasts
  • Adjust your thermostat or turn on the lights through your smart home devices

If your Pixelbook is open, in sleep mode, and doesn’t require a password to unlock, your voice command will awaken your device. If your Pixelbook does require a password, you’ll need to enter it before giving your voice command.

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