Update public-facing information

Make sure that your merchant information is up to date to keep clear communication with customers (for example, reduce chargeback disputes).

You cannot change the country listed in your payments profile and your merchant ID. If the country listed in your profile isn’t right or if you change your legal business location, you need to create a new payments profile and transfer apps to your new profile.

Edit your public merchant profile 

To change your public merchant profile, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your payments profile.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. To change information that the public and your customers see, find "Public merchant profile" and click Edit Edit.
    1. Find "Business information" and enter the following:
      • Business name (company or personal name)
      • Name (brand name)
      • Company or personal address
      • Company or personal phone number for customer service
    2. To enter the business or brand name that will appear on customers’ credit card statements that will help them recognize the purchase they made from you, find "Credit card statement name" and click Edit Edit.

      Note: "GOOGLE*" precedes your business name on customer credit card statements, so your credit card statement name is limited to 14 characters.
    3. Find "Business contact". You can choose to enter the following: 
      • Business website
      • Business’ customer support email
      • Customer support website
      • FAQ website
  4. Click Save.

Google is committed to preserving the security of your information and won't share your private contact details, except as described in our Privacy Policy and Payments Privacy Notice. To help customers with questions about their orders, we share your public business information like your business address, public website, and return/cancellation policies.

Note: Be sure to add your bank account, submit tax information, and set up sales taxes in your payments profile to get timely merchant payouts from Google.  

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