Rewards FAQs

Important: Reward will be credited to your bank account within 7 business days. If you didn't receive a reward after 7 business days, contact support.

If you think you earned a reward on Google Pay but can't find it in your account, follow these steps.

Problems with scratch cards

Google Pay | Learn more about offers

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If you sent money on Google Pay, but didn’t get a scratch card, check if you’re eligible to get one:

  1. Open Google Pay .
  2. From the bottom of the screen, swipe up.
  3. Under "Promotions," tap Rewards.
  4. Under "Rewards," select an offer.
  5. To check if you’re eligible, read the offer terms and conditions.

If you’re eligible but still don’t get a scratch card, contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Got a scratch card, but reward amount is not credited

Google Pay | Why is my reward amount not credited yet?

  1. If the scratch card says ‘Processing’, it may take up to a week for the amount to be credited. For real time updates, check your bank statement.
  2. If scratch card status is ‘Action required’, make sure you have added an active bank account. After a bank account has been added, payments may take up to a week.

My scratch card got deleted

Merchant related offer scratch cards are deleted if your order is cancelled. Check the offer T&Cs in GPay app offers channel.

I’m unable to apply a voucher code on a merchant site

Contact the merchant for any issues with voucher code.

Problems with referral rewards

Referred a friend, but didn't get a reward

Learn more about referral rewards | Google Pay

If you haven’t received a referral reward or can't find the money in your account, follow these steps.

Step 1: Check if you’re eligible

Make sure that you:

Make sure that the person you invited:

  • Signed up through a referral link or referral code.
  • Didn’t sign up through a referral link or code that someone else shared with them.
  • Hasn’t created a Google Pay account before.
  • Has made a successful first payment.

Step 2: Check your bank account

To confirm that the reward was credited to your bank account, check the statements for the bank account linked to your Google Pay.

At other times, reward payments take a few days to appear. Wait a few days.

If you can't find your reward or haven't received your reward money after five working days, contact us.

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