Settle your payments daily or on demand

You have 2 settlement options:
  • Instant settlement: Customers’ payments settle to your bank account immediately.
  • Daily settlement: At the end of the day (00:00 hrs), one lump sum automatically settles to your bank account.
Note: In some cases it may take between 2-3 days for payment to get credited to your account; if delayed further, please contact support. If the status of transaction is settled in the Google Pay for Business app. Please refer to your Bank account statement with the Settlement ID and Settlement amount before reaching out to support.
Tip: If you select Daily settlement but you want to settle batches right away, use Settle now.

Change your settlement preference

  1. Open Google Pay for Merchants Google Pay.
  2. Tap Settings Settingsand then Settlement.
  3. Select Instant settlement or Daily settlement.
  4. Tap Save.

Settle your payments on demand

  1. Open Google Pay for Business Google Pay.
  2. Tap See past payments.
  3. Select Settlements.
  4. Tap Settle now. On the next screen, you’ll see the details of your settlement and a transaction state of “In progress.” After the transaction processes, the transaction state changes to “Settled.”
Tip: In the “Settlements” tab, you can find the amount to be settled until that time of the day.
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