Getting Started


Orion Wi-Fi lets businesses sell capacity on their existing Wi-Fi network to cellular carriers. This help center provides guidance and configuration settings for each step in the set up process.


Orion uses your existing enterprise or carrier-grade Wi-Fi access points, no new hardware is required. Orion is a new SSID on your Access Points alongside any other existing SSIDs.


Wi-Fi Hardware Requirements

Your Wi-Fi must support the following technologies:

  • Passpoint, aka Hotspot 2.0
  • WPA2 802.1x with RADIUS
  • RadSec, aka RADIUS over TLS*

* If your Wi-Fi infrastructure does not support RadSec natively, you can download and use our radsecproxy.

Setup Process

Orion Suppliers can self-enroll at any time.  Setup involves several phases:


Sign up for Orion and set up Wi-Fi infrastructure ~ 1 hour

Create an Orion account

Download Radsec Certificate

Request Test App

Configure Wi-Fi infrastructure

Test network and add venue details ~ 1 business day

Receive & Install Test App

Test Orion Network

Set Network & Venue Details

Set Default Price & Payments Info

Qualify for full traffic ~ 5 business days
Check buyer availability  



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